This service is geared towards early-stage startups that may not need a full time COO, but do need a strong foundation from which to launch. This includes defining operational controls, hiring and reporting protocols, branding, and marketing.


The first step in scaling is to audit the existing service(s), workflows, metrics, and finances. This is usually a team sport that requires input from an array of stakeholders across key departments that will support the operation, including: finance, legal, and data science. If yours is an early-stage startup, one or two people may wear all the hats. That has its advantages (less red tape and super efficient meetings) so don’t be deterred.

Once we’ve identified the target outcome, timeline and resources to get there, I’ll collaborate with your stakeholder(s) to develop a strategy for implementation. 


My expertise lies in the business side of creative operations—specifically photography and copy. I manage editorial services, hire talent, establish budgets and KPIs, and develop workflows that align creative ops with revenue goals. When creative operations have the stability of a strong business foundation, they can grow and flourish.


Distributed teams tend to be budget and talent-friendly. To support a highly skilled, metrics-driven distributed team, expect to develop clear expectations and parameters (this is not the same as micromanaging), establish a healthy company culture that is remote-friendly, and attend to the fineprint (HR, compliance) from the beginning.


Feel free to send me challenges that are outside of the box. Lots of companies are in the midst of a “pandemic pivot.” This is an opportunity to innovate for a new era and requires some outside-of-the-box design thinking.